He came to me during an autumn night. His wild look, long hair, and tattoos have turned out to be more mild than they actually were. This look didn’t reveal anything about his personality, his true being, neither his inner struggles. We started talking. It soon became clear how sensitive he was, how much he had experienced.

He told me that he is a painter as well. He asked me if he could bring his pictures. I said yes, why not? Of course, just bring it and I’ll check. I saw the pure joy on him, he said, others were not interested in his work.

The next day he came with five rolled up paintings. At first I was a bit sceptical, but it lasted just a moment, after that I was captured by the sight. I wanted to receive everything from what I saw. His paintings were so powerful to me. I was feeling ancient vibes. Those paintings brought such a raw power to me. I haven’t had these feelings before.

Zeus knows, what cannot be learned. He can define everything that is connected to his experiences, and to his environment, through his artworks. His talent comes from depths, and only a few artist can reach far down below.

He can reach back to the ancient past, covered by dark secrets, where the fight between good and bad is still swirling. This is the dangerous reality. This is not an easy adventure with the brush, and the colors. He does not beautify anything. He just lets the conflicting energies flow, and appear on the visible surface, which eventually makes us humans.